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city tlv

City TLV is a partnership for the promotion of Greater Tel-Aviv as an International Financial Center. It is an NGO led by individuals and entities that share the vision and can play substantial roles in its realization.


Shmuel Ben-Tovim is the President of City TLV-


The main objectives of City TLV are:


1. To create a world-class hub of selected financial services in Tel Aviv;


2. To expose Israel and Tel-Aviv as a center of financial and professional services of the highest quality;


3. To promote exports of financial services from Israel and to attract foreign investments to the industry; 


4. To encourage collaboration among governmental ministries, regulatory institutions, municipalities and the private sector, including banks, funds, accounting and law firms, etc;


5. To compile, maintain and publish database and research papers of Israeli  financial services industry players;


6. To encourage innovation in the financial sector, either for own use or as export products and services;


7. To represent the financial services industry in international forums;


8. To create business opportunities for its members by initiating international visits, conferences, a dedicated internet website, directories, newsletters, etc.;


City TLV was officially approved as a registered Amuta (reg. 580572519) on May 7, 2013.



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