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Ben-Tovim Consultants Ltd. provides emerging companies the tools and global access to complete investment rounds and connect with strategic business partners. Our services include introductions to international funds and private investors, marketing, investor pitch coaching, and more. 


We also assist a select group of well-established companies in various M&A situations. Our access to prime opportunities is expanded by our close collaboration with Orange Blossom Ventures Ltd., where Shmuel Ben-Tovim serves as a Senior Strategic Advisor.  


In recent years we successfully participated in private investment, seed and series A rounds, of companies such as:


Bevyz, an innovative multi-drink machine which offers a full assortment of sparkling, still, hot or cold beverages – all in a single unit. In December 2014 Bevyz was acquired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR).


Credorax, an acquirer specifically focused on the e-commerce payments arena. One of the world's first hi-tech companies to become a Principal Member of Visa Europe and MasterCard and a financial institution licensed under the PSD (Payment Services Directive of the EU).


eyeSight, a leader in machine vision and gesture recognition technology. Their technology has already been adopted by Lenovo, Toshiba, Phillips and many more.

Rail Vision, focusing on train safety and accident preventing on the rail track. The technology is based on infrared forward looking camera and analyses capabilities.

Private Equity and Venture Investments

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