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Private Equity and Venture Investments

Ben-Tovim Consultants Ltd. provides emerging companies the tools and global access to complete investment rounds and connect with strategic business partners. Our services include introductions to international funds and private investors, marketing, investor pitch coaching, and more. 


We also assist a select group of well-established companies in various M&A situations. Our access to prime opportunities is expanded by our close collaboration with Orange Blossom Ventures Ltd., where Shmuel Ben-Tovim serves as a Senior Strategic Advisor.  


In recent years we successfully participated in private investment, seed and series A rounds, of companies such as:


Bevyz, an innovative multi-drink machine which offers a full assortment of sparkling, still, hot or cold beverages – all in a single unit. In December 2014 Bevyz was acquired by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR).


Credorax, an acquirer specifically focused on the e-commerce payments arena. One of the world's first hi-tech companies to become a Principal Member of Visa Europe and MasterCard and a financial institution licensed under the PSD (Payment Services Directive of the EU).


eyeSight, a leader in machine vision and gesture recognition technology. Their technology has already been adopted by Lenovo, Toshiba, Phillips and many more.

Rail Vision, focusing on train safety and accident preventing on the rail track. The technology is based on infrared forward looking camera and analyses capabilities.

Scouting services

Ben-Tovim Consultants Ltd. provides scouting services for international companies who are seeking business opportunities in Israel. Our extensive network in Israel, built over 40 years, allows excellent access to decision makers and prime investment and technology opportunities. 


Our scouting services are currently used successfully by, among others:


  • ISTECH, a Hong Kong company that provides services to private investors from China. Currently seeking mid-cap investments in the medical device and cleantech sectors;


  • International VC and PE funds that do not keep permanent offices in Israel;


  • Software resellers in Europe who look for innovative solutions in the cyber security space;


  • UK mezzanine fund seeking participations from Israeli institutional investors.


city tlv

City TLV is a partnership for the promotion of Greater Tel-Aviv as an International Financial Center. It is an NGO led by individuals and entities that share the vision and can play substantial roles in its realization.


Shmuel Ben-Tovim is the President of City TLV-


The main objectives of City TLV are:


1. To create a world-class hub of selected financial services in Tel Aviv;


2. To expose Israel and Tel-Aviv as a center of financial and professional services of the highest quality;


3. To promote exports of financial services from Israel and to attract foreign investments to the industry; 


4. To encourage collaboration among governmental ministries, regulatory institutions, municipalities and the private sector, including banks, funds, accounting and law firms, etc;


5. To compile, maintain and publish database and research papers of Israeli  financial services industry players;


6. To encourage innovation in the financial sector, either for own use or as export products and services;


7. To represent the financial services industry in international forums;


8. To create business opportunities for its members by initiating international visits, conferences, a dedicated internet website, directories, newsletters, etc.;


City TLV was officially approved as a registered Amuta (reg. 580572519) on May 7, 2013.



Bluestar indexes

BlueStar Indexes is a unit of BlueStar Global Investors LLC, a research-focused financial firm that specializes in the Israeli capital markets. BlueStar’s mission is to develop investment strategies that provide global institutional and retail investors efficient access to the full range of Israeli asset classes.


The flagship product of BlueStar Indexes is the BlueStar Israel Global Index ("BIGI"), a benchmark designed for broad, deep and complete coverage of Israeli companies, regardless of where they are listed, thereby providing balanced sector exposure to Israel’s dynamic economy. The index is designed to serve as an asset allocation tool, a performance benchmark, and the basis for investment product, such as the NYSE-listed ISRA Israel ETF.


On May 2015 Israel’s largest asset manager Psagot launched an exchange traded product tracking BIGI.


BlueStar's second index, the BlueStar Israel Global Technology Index ("BIGITech") covers Israel's dynamic tech sector, encompassing InfoTech, BioTech, AgriTech, DefenseTech and CleanTech.    


Shmuel Ben-Tovim is a member of BlueStar Indexes Business Advisory Board (New York).

special projects for ngos

In 2014 Ben-Tovim Consultants LTD. formed a new collaboration with Mr. Zvi Lidar to start an out-of-the-box fund raising consultancy for non-profit organizations and other NGOs. For a select group of charities we design and develop special projects which, on one hand raise their public profile, thereby helping their regular fundraising efforts; and on the other hand, secure all the required funding for the special projects from untraditional sources.   

Zvi Lidar is the Director of Z. Lidar Communication and Marketing Consultants. Between 1974 and 1998 he served as a reporter, editor, senior radio broadcaster, producer and director of documentaries for the Israeli television. Zvi was also a Board member of the Israel Broadcasting Authority, in charge of communication, public and government relations. From 1979 – 1982 he served as their European correspondent, based in Bonn. In 1998 he joined the senior management of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), where he headed the Communication and PR Division, led the organization's green revolution and establishment of JNF's Friends club with 140,000 members. Later on Zvi served as VP of Marketing at the Leumit Health Fund, led the campaign to recruit thousands of new members, and initiated unconventional projects, such as mobile clinics for Bedouin women in the Negev.


Samples of our projects:


The Jerusalem Symphony Orcherstra (JSO): An International Holocaust Remembrance Day Concert at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris took place on January 2015. The 2015 UN Remembrance Day marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Camp.

We came up with the original concept, took care of funding from various sources in France and in Israel, and managed the production of the event.

The center piece of the concert was the Babi Yar Symphony by Dmitri Shostakovich. The Orchestra also played music by Norbert Glanzberg, a Jewish Polish-born French composer, a notable song writer for Édith Piaf. The concert was attended by 1,500 official representatives of all UN member nations, religeous leaders of all faiths and other dignitaries. 


“Congratulations on this magnificent performance which was very much appreciated”, Baron Eric de Rothschild, President of the Shoah Memorial


French TV report:

Concert booklet:

























Atachlit (Amharic for agriculture): a farm on the outskirts of Kiryat Gat, founded by Hinneni, a netwok of communities that empowers the community of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. The farm aims are uplifting the social status of the Ethiopian immigrants, their self esteem and the respect of the general public. By activating experiential and enriching programs for youth of Ethiopian descent Atachlit helps them rediscover their ancestral powers and consequently change the way they look at themselves, their parents and grandparents and the entire community.


Our vision is to build a full scale typical Ethiopian village on the site which will pass on the tradition for the benefit of the young generation of the community and the entire Israeli education system.

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